Best Director - Eerie Film Festival

Best Actor - Eerie Film Festival

Best Horror Short - Tabloid Witch Awards

Best Supporting Actress - Tabloid Witch Awards

Best Cinematography - Tabloid Witch Awards

   Music Video - Boston Underground Film Festival

Best Music Video - Houston World Fest

Backseat Film Festival


Best Horror Short - Shriekfest

Best Horror Short - Screamfest

Best Actor - Chicago Horrorfest

Best Horror Short - LA Short Film Festival

Best Horror Movie - Shockerfest

Honorable Mention:

Best Actor: David Stifel,

Best Supporting Actor: Donald Lopez, Tabloid Witch Awards


Dragon-Con Ind, Film Fest

Rhode Island Int’l Horror Fest

Evil City Film Festival

PXL This - LA/San Fran

Domani Vision Film Soicety

Austin Movie Show

Boston Underground Film Festival

B-Movie FIlm Festival

Viewfinder Film Festival

Clermont Film Market

What? Film Festival

Backseat Film Festival

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"There’s nothing compromised or conventional about Robert Sexton’s blistering LEGION. Not far from the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky (SANTA SANGRE) and Juan Lopez Moctezuma (ALUCARDA) in style and spirit, LEGION’s images and soundtrack evoke an electric energy that bursts almost out of the screen."  RUMOURMACHINE.COM

"LEGION gets our stamp of approval"                                                                


"This film drips and oozes with bloody brilliance!"                                                                


"Watch out...Not for the faint of heart"                                             


"(FEFU is) The best music video ever made!" Blank TV

Robert has a  unique way of bringing a song to life, or shall I say, ‘Death.’ ” Denise Gossett - Shriekfest

“(Truce) Fucking love it!” Gruesome Hertzogg - The Voice of Horror

"The video for "F.E.F.U. will absolutely blow your mind." ANTVILLE VIDEO

"Stunning and ferocious..." MVWire

"FEFU blew everyone away." PLANET ANT FILM FESTIVAL

"Creepy and Wild..." NYIFC

The bloody autopsy was a surreal moment and I loved the whole vibe!”

“I dug the special effects and the gore....nice!” Char Hardin

"I was NOT disappointed...First-rate!... Kicks some severe ass!!"  Spooky Dan

" (LEGION is) ... Very Good. Great effects and great music too. Very suspenseful."                             

Gail Olson, Seattle Times

"Apart from stunning visuals, the cast is first-rate"  Hollywood Investigator

"Intriguing... Starting with its ritualized consumption of human flesh and blood"

"Arghhhhh. The Goat scene... COOL!!!"  Rudy Scalese, Screamfest

"LEGION is an uneasy film experience, for its sense of foreboding and panicky energy. Robert Sexton’s film debut whips the viewer into a state of frenzy."

Mathew Sanderson

"LEGION... Contains plenty of raw horror." Independant Weekly

"A cool ending made this one a really entertaining time" Bloody Disgusting

"Legion is grippingly atmospheric." Thomas Sipos

"...(at the Los Angeles) Screamfest, it was great to meet a like-minded buddy"

Jason Arnopp /

"...Loved the film" Nevermore Horror Film Festival

"...Capturing iconic images with a perverse beauty" Tabloid Witch Awards

"(Sexton) offers a fresh, energetic outlook to what was a stale, pro Christian subgenre (see THE EXORCIST)." Rumor Machine

"A representative of our company had the pleasure of screening your film,

“Legion”, at the Eerie (PA) Film Festival and have recommended it

for further review by our Programming Department." The Horror Channel

“Does more than deliver the goods”


"Videos don't get much more excessive or insane than this..Yes, it features the Suicide Girls and fetish models. Yes, they are naked more often than not. But, that's one of the tamer aspects of "FEFU, " which looks a bit like a Manson Family reunion. The video proudly features a crucifix, buckets of blood, violent orgy scenes and a whole lot more that you will either find cool or totally offensive. PS: Queens Of The Stone Age fans should keep an eye out for a cameo by former QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri. -- watch "FEFU" (if you dare).This video is fucking insane." Steven Gottlieb / VideoStatic

"It takes a cast-iron stomach and huge balls to get in a crowd's face wearing a mask, a thong and a guitar. But it takes something else to let the Suicide Girls kick your ass. All this and more is featured in the Sexton-directed video which in spite of its carnage still manages to give the Fashionistas a run for its money." LAS VEGAS CITY LIFE

"Astounding and awesome..." EVIL CITY FILM FESTIVAL

"So fucking awesome! I believe you have pioneered a new genre and form of entertainment." IVCHD

"A must for Dwarves fans, Suicide Girls fans, or for anyone that loves hot naked chicks covered with blood." ROCK CONFIDENTIAL

"Sweet." Bob Johnson, PLAYBOY

"If you're over 18 and you like your punk rock dirty, FEFU will absolutely *%#$ you!" PUNK MUSIC.COM

“Dear Robert,

In case you weren't already informed, just wanted to let you know that

"The Disassembly Line" received Honorable Mention in the

"Most Effectively Offensive" category this year!  Congratulations!”

- Nicole McConvery, Managing Director

Boston Underground Film Festival

“...Rife with bound and abused bodies...relentless.”

- Holly Willis - LA Weekly

"(THE DISASSEMBLY LINE)... deeply inspires the viewer to actually research

The Franklin Cover-Up and MK ULTRA for themselves."

- Gerry Fialka, Paramedia-Ecologist.

"The X-rated (well, hard R anyway) music video features about thirty naked Suicide Girls and plenty of blood and violence! ...An absolute celebration of excess."  TOPIX

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