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Robert Sexton is a critically acclaimed director and Emmy Award-winning producer. His CV includes numerous award wins and nominations, along with official selections and invitations from peer-driven entertainment award shows and film festivals around the world.

Winner of 3 Emmy Awards: Producing from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for ad campaign and produced spots for FORD/Trunk Monkey.

2 Grammy Awards: Post producer on Paul McCartney DVD, “Live Kisses.

Nominations/wins: MTV, CMT, AMA, ACMA, VH1, GAC, Loudwire, DOVE, Screamfest. Shriekfest. The list goes on.

His experiences as a director landed him a guest panelist spot at 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

Produced/Directed: 1st narrative-driven heavy metal narrative 360° video for INCITE premiering on The Wall Street Journal tech page.

Produced/Directed: 1st live heavy metal 360° music video for SOULFLY

He is a road tested, trial by fire, producer/director who possesses a 15+ year track record of being under budget, on schedule and finishing up with a great end product… All done with a sense of humor and panache.

Robert attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC before moving to Hollywood where he edited low budget features.

Robert has directed music videos for acts such as Soulfly, the Sepultura brother’s Cavalera Conspiracy, The Dwarves (featuring The Suicide Girls), HellYeah, The Devil Wears Prada, Death Angel, Genocide, The Hangmen, Pigmy Love Circus (featuring Danny Carey of TOOL) and lives shoots for MONDO GENERATOR (featuring members of QOTSA, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Twiggy of Marilyn Manson) and AMEN.

His film LEGION became a midnight movie favorite at Weekend of Horrors and was the first movie shown on FangoriaTV. He won the “Best Director” award presented by Alice Cooper at the Eerie Horror Fest.

Produces/Directs: Commercials, TV promos / sizzles, music videos, Inter-media, web-series. 360°, cars, kids, critters, models, celebs, rockers, rappers, divas, centerfolds, real people. He also teaches various acting workshops in LA.

He served as a producer for high-profile commercials for clients such as Little Debbie, Ford, Yamaha, Burger King and Rubio’s.

From Rolls Royce to NASCAR. Toby Keith to Marilyn Manson. Burger King to Rubio’s. Reba McEntire to The Suicide Girls. OK Go to Brad Paisley.

18+ years of experience; Director, HOP, EP, Senior Producer, Line Producer, UPM.

His credits are vast, glowing recommendations are available, (along with a few voodoo dolls with his image on them)

Work around the globe and across the street. Plays well with others… Most of the time. Often mistaken for a super-villain or professional wrestler, “The Undertaker.”

Robert Sexton: Director and Emmy Award Winning Producer.